26 September 2014 – Marching for climate

Last weekend, I attended the People’s Climate march in Vancouver.  It was, appropriately, unseasonably warm and sunny.  There were speeches, songs and dances, and then a short, peaceful stroll down a few city blocks.  I was on the look out for radicals (because if you care about the environment in Canada, that’s what you are), but didn’t see anyone might fit the real definition of the word.  Though hugely diverse in age, race and attire, most of the folks present seemed to be pretty reasonable to me.  Most fascinating was the sea of placards and posters waving above their heads.  Those signs showed what the people holding them really wanted to say, what they are really worried about.  Some were thoughtful, some were rude, some were cleverly funny.  I didn’t have a sign 😦  Next time…

Climate march

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