Hear our papers!

No time to read?  Listen to these 60-second podcasts of some of our recent papers. 

Click here to listen  Francis, F.T.​, Howard, B.R.​, Berchtold, A.E., Branch, T.A., Chaves, L.C.T., Favaro, B., Jeffrey, K.M., Malpica-Cruz, L., Maslowski, N., Schultz, J., Smith, N.S., and Côté, I.M. 2019. Shifting headlines? Size trends of newsworthy fishes. PeerJ 7, e6395  Voice: Isabelle

Click here to listen   Francis, F.T., Filbee-Dexter, K., Yan, H.F. and Côté, I.M. 2019. Invertebrate herbivores: Overlooked allies in the recovery of degraded coral reefs? Global Ecology and Conservation 17, e00593.  Voice: Helen

Click here to listenHoward, B.R., Barrios-O’Neill, D., Alexander, M.E, Dick, J.T.A., Therriault, T.W., Robinson, T.B., and Côté, I.M. 2018. Functional responses of a cosmopolitan invader demonstrate intraspecific variability in consumer-resource dynamics. Peer J PeerJ 6, e5634Voice: Brett

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Côté, I.M. and Darling, E.S. 2018. Scientists on Twitter: Preaching to the choir or singing from the rooftops? FACETS 3, 682–694. Voice: Isabelle

Twitter infographic

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Smith, N.S., Green, S.J., Akins, J.L., Miller, S., and Côté, I.M. 2017. Density-dependent colonization and natural disturbance limit the effectiveness of invasive lionfish culling  efforts. Biological Invasions 19, 2385-2399. Voice: Nicola

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Tamburello, N., Côté, I.M. and Dulvy, N.K. 2015. Predator-prey body size asymmetries and the scaling of animal space use. American Naturalist 186, 196- 211.  Voice: Natascia

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Tamburello, N. and Côté, I.M. 2015. Movement ecology of Indo-Pacific lionfish on Caribbean coral reefs and its implications for invasion dynamics. Biological Invasions 17,     1639-1653. Voice: Natascia

Click here to listenSumaila, U.R., Lam, V., Miller, D.D., The, L., Cheung, W.W.L., Watson, R., Pauly, D., Zeller, D., Rogers, A., Côté, I.M., Roberts, C.M. 2015. Winners and losers in a world where the                        high seas is closed to fishing.  Scientific Reports 5,  8481. Voice: Isabelle –  Imagine John                      Lennon’s Imagine when you listen to this one  (and be grateful I’m not singing!)

Click here to listenBeldade, R., Mills, S.C., Claudet, J. and Côté, I.M. 2015. More coral, more fish? Contrasting snapshots from a remote Pacific atoll. PeerJ 3, e745. Voice: Isabelle

Video prequel:  The story behind the Beldade et al. ‘More coral, more fish?’ paper

Click here to listenGreen, S.J. and Côté, I.M. 2014. Behaviour and morphology determine vulnerability of native fishes to an invasive marine predator. Journal of Animal Ecology 83, 1451-                              1460 Voice: Stephanie

Côté, I.M., Darling, E.S., Malpica-Cruz, L., Smith, N.S., Green, S.J., Curtis-Quick, J., and Layman, C.A. 2014. What doesn’t kill you makes you wary? Effect of repeated culling on                  the behaviour of an invasive  predator. PLOS One, e94248.

Favaro, B. and Côté, I.M. 2013. Do bycatch reduction devices in longline fisheries reduce capture of sharks and rays?  A global meta-analysis.  Fish and Fisheries, in press.
              Voice: Brett

Darling, E.S., Shiffman, D., Côté, I.M., and Drew, J.A. 2013. The role of Twitter in the life cycle of a scientific publication.  Ideas in Ecology and Evolution 6, 32-43.
              Voice: Emily

Darling, E.S., McClanahan, T.E. and Côté, I.M.  2013. Life histories predict coral community disassembly under multiple stressors. Global Change Biology 19, 1930-1940.                    Voice: Emily

Côté, I.M., Green, S.J., Morris, J.A.Jr, Akins, J.L., and Steinke, D. 2013. Diet richness of invasive Indo-Pacific lionfish revealed by DNA barcoding. Marine Ecology Progress Series                472, 249-256.  Voice: Isabelle

Green, S.J., Tamburello, N., Miller, S., J.L. Akins, and Côté, I.M. 2013. Habitat complexity and fish size affect the detection of Indo-Pacific lionfish on invaded coral reefs.  Coral                      Reefs 32, 413-421.  Voice: Natascia

Favaro, B., Duff, S.D., and Côté, I.M. 2013. A trap with a twist: evaluating a bycatch reduction device to prevent rockfish capture in crustacean traps. ICES Journal of Marine                  Science 70, 114-122. Voice: Brett

Green, S.J., Akins, J.L, Maljković, A. and Côté, I.M. 2012. Invasive lionfish drive native Atlantic coral reef fish declines.  PLOS One 7, e32596.  Voice: Stephanie

Malpica-Cruz, L., Herzka, S.Z., Sosa-Nishizaki, O., and Lazo, J.P. 2012. Tissue-specific isotope trophic discrimination factors and turnover rates in a marine elasmobranch:                      empirical and modeling results. CJFAS 69, 551-564. Voice: Luis

Darling, E.S., Alvarez-Filip, L., Oliver, T.A., McClanahan,T.R., and Côté, I.M. 2012. Evaluating life-history strategies of reef corals from species traits. Ecology Letters 15,                        1378-1386.  Voice: Emily

Côté, I.M. and Green, S.J.  2012. Potential effects of climate change on a marine invasion: the importance of current context.  Current Zoology 58: 1-8.  Voice: Isabelle

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