Lab news

23 May 2019 – Simon says Science!

Post-doc Simon and nine collaborators (including me) have cracked Science!  Our paper reports on the amazing discovery of how tiny fish fuel ecosystem functioning on coral reefs. It came out today to much fanfare.

Check out our piece in The Conservation.

Fuel for reefs 3

8 May 2019 – Power finning trio in the Bahamas

Rachel, Hannah, and field assistant Ryan arrived at the Cape Eleuthera Institute to start their research on the ecological roles of sea cucumbers.  They’ve already got the synchronised finning thing down pat.

Power swim

3 May 2019 – I win!

The Le Cren medal of the Fisheries Society of the British Isles, for lifelong contributions to all aspects of the study of fish biology and/or fisheries science, with a focus on conservation, training or public understanding of the discipline.  Lifelong?  Does this mean that I’m old???

21 April 2019 – My first research cruise ever!

I’ve just spent the past two weeks on my very first research cruise ever, and it was amazing!  We left from Reunion Island, and sailed 1000+ km to the Scattered Islands in the Mozambique Channel, where we collected clownfish for experiments on local adaptation and climate change.  I saw reefs of such beauty that I didn’t think still existed in the world.  Thank you to my friends Suzie Mills and Ricardo Beldade for making it happen!


10 April 2019 – Runners up!

Jillian, Hannah and Helen made it to the final 15 in NSERC’s Science, Action! video contest with this beautifully edited and wonderfully narrated 60 sec of seagrass research.  Congrats!

19 March 2019 – Vitamin Pee carries the day


With her tongue firmly in cheek, Hannah sailed to victory in the departmental 3-min thesis competition, waxing lyrical about the importance of sea cucumber pee.  She went on to place 2nd in the university-wide competition.  Just wait till she has data to show!


15 March 2019 – Dr Brett (formerly known as Girl Brett)!

It was Brett’s turn today to shine, and did she ever!  Wonderful defense that ranged widely from green crabs (of course) to hippos (huh?).  And there was a cake!

Bretts cake

1 March 2019 – Let there be cake!

So proud of Helen, Hannah and Serena (from the Dulvy lab) for joining forces and winning first place in the departmental baking contest with these amazing Earth-meets- Ocean cupcakes.


1 February 2019 – Dr Fiona!

FI's cake

Fiona defended her PhD today and passed with flying colours (obviously!).  There was a cake 🙂  The next adventure is going to happen just down the road since Fiona just started a postdoc at the Coastal Ocean Research Institute of Ocean Wise (aka the Vancouver Aquarium).


26 January 2019 – Rachel brings home the Pufferfish Award

For best short talk at the Interdepartmental Ecology of Aquatic Species Symposium.  Congrats!


2 January 2019 – Time for sober second thought…

This is either the beginning of something new or the end of everything.  Today, I became Chair of my department!!!