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20 September 2018 – Twitter milestone

Twitter milestone


14 September 2018 – Brett is best!

The PhD candidate formerly known as ‘Girl Brett’, now just ‘Brett’, won best TA in Biology award for 2017-2018!  Congrats and well deserved!

4 September 2018 – Fresh faces of fall

Not sure where the summer went, but I’m delighted to start the new academic year with two wonderful additions to the lab: Rachel Munger (left) and Hannah Watkins (right). Welcome sea cucumber ladies!

Rachel Hannah

13-15 July 2018 – First-ever TMEL retreat

We’ve just held the first-ever TMEL retreat at my cabin on one of the Gulf Islands.  The weather was glorious.  We did a bit of everything: running, swimming, kayaking, walking, but also some thinking, some writing, and we shared our thoughts about what it is about science that we like best.  Watch for a podcast to come!  Definitely an adventure to repeat!

Retreat pics

22 June 2018 – Lily is a Master!

Lily successfully defended her MSc thesis today (of course!).  And there was a cake!


8 June 2018 – Happy World Oceans Day!

Bull kelp


7 June 2018 – News salad

3 months since the last news.  Time flies!  What’s happened since March?  Jillian got an NSERC CGS for her PhD.  Yay! Fiona got her first PhD paper accepted. Woot! Lily left us  to start a job at the Cape Eleuthera Institute involving coral restoration.  She’ll be back at the end of June to defend her MSc.  WCMB logoIn early May, Jillian and I attended the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity in beautiful Montreal (my home town!), and we rocked our talks, if I may say so!  Hannah and Helen joined the lab as summer assistants to dive into seagrass multiple stressor research.  We bid a sad goodbye to Mariana, whose 6-week visit went by far too fast. Jess headed for Tofino to start her fieldwork on the recovery of harvested gooseneck barnacles.  The grueling work of clearing plots on wave-swept rocks went swimmingly, with no one actually going for a swim!Jess expmt Our globe-trotting post-doc Simon went to the field (French Polynesia, Australia) and returned, and went to the field (Abu Dhabi) and returned.  And this time of year is… Bamfield field teaching time for me.  This year is Subtidal Science (aka Scientific Diving).  Here’s our motley crew of students, TAs and instructors.



9 March 2018 – I win!!

A Murray A. Newman award for significant achievements in aquatic research, that is!  Yay me!  I got to take most of my lab to a fancy do at the Vancouver Aquarium for the awards ceremony.  We scrub up pretty well, don’t you think?

Newman pic

3 March 2018 – A visitor from Mexico!

Mariana Rivera Higueras is visiting TMEL for 6 weeks.  Mariana is finishing her MSc at UNAM Veracruz on the impact of lionfish on Gulf of Mexico endemics reef fishes.  Welcome Mariana!

2 March 2018 – When it rains, it pours (jobs, that is)

Fab news for two TMEL folks.  Luis, who defended his PhD in September, just got offered a faculty position at the Instituto de Investigaciones Oceanológicas, at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California.  Post-doc Frances landed a dream job as Marine Program Coordinator for the San Juan County Marine Resources Committee, where she will oversee a broad range of conservation projects in the Salish Sea.  Congratulations both!

1 March 2018 – Just another day in the office

Porteau low res

Just have to share this beautiful photo, taken by Brian Wong (whom I don’t actually know).  I was diving with Helen (Yan – doing an Honours project in the lab) today, and we happened to surface as Brian was taking this panoramic shot at Porteau Cove.  That’s us – the two dots in the water on the right-hand side.  Brian was kind enough to email me the photo.  I truly have the best office in the world!

24 February 2018 – TMEL rocks PEEC

Lily and Melissa represented the lab at the Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference this weekend in beautiful Bamfield. They each won top honours in their category: Lily for best talk, and Melissa for best poster! Awesome work!!

Melissa and poster small

Melissa by her winning poster

January 2018

Some numbers from 2017 (excerpt from my blog)

The number of successful NSERC Discovery Grant applications I made. Yay!

2  The number of my graduate students who defended their theses


4 The number of new people who joined the lab

New students

12 The number of papers I co-wrote that were accepted or in press

21 The number of days I spent teaching the Marine Behavioural Ecology field course in Bamfield

Bamfield MBE

60 The number of students in the new, 4th-year Behavioural Ecology class I taught in the Fall

283 The number of papers I read (like actually read from title to acknowledgements), falling short of my goal of 365