12 December 2012 – It’s a clean sweep

Evan Henderson successfully defended his MSc this morning on the ecological and economic impacts of interactions between spiny lobster and lionfish.  No corrections.  Well done, Master Evan!

6 December 2012 – Cosmic moment in the Côté lab!

Senior PhD student Brett Favaro (Boy Brett) meets new PhD student Brett Howard (Girl Brett).   “Hello, my name’s Brett…”

1-2 December 2012 – Entertaining distinguished visitors Vancouver-style

We were lucky to have Mark Hixon (one of Steph’s committee members) and John Bruno (Steph’s external examiner) stay with us over the weekend after Steph’s defense.  PostDefenseHike

A few of us braved the downpour and hiked across Belcarra Regional Park to Jug Island.  What’s a little rain?!

30 November 2012 – Congrats Dr Green!!

Stephanie successfully defended her PhD this afternoon.  No corrections verdict.  That’s twice in a month, yay!

End of Movember

Today is also the end of Movember – thank goodness for that!

8 November 2012 – Isa on the telly

The French-Canadian version of ’60 minutes’ investigates the Harper Government’s neglect of the oceans.  Hear what Isabelle has to say about that by clicking here. (Warning: It’s in French!)

8 November 2012 -Hello Dr Darling!!

Emily successfully defended her PhD this morning 🙂  No corrections – almost unheard of at SFU!

18 October 2012

Stephanie submitted her PhD thesis today!!!  Party time!

14 October 2012 – Fun and food at the tri-lab MPA retreat

13 October 2012 – Let’s talk MPAs!

We’re all off to a one-day retreat on Vancouver Island with Phil Dearden’s MPA research group from UVic and Amanda Vincent’s Project Seahorse group from UBC.  Let it rain!

12 October 2012

Emily’s paper on coral life histories has been recommended by the Faculty of 1000. https://i2.wp.com/cdn.f1000.com.s3.amazonaws.com/images/badges/badgef1000.gif

4 October 2012

Chantale just got her first thesis paper accepted, in Marine Biology.  Yay!

27 September 2012

Emily submitted her PhD thesis today.  Woohoo!  Here’s what her thesis is about:

31 August 2012 – I’m back…

And 35 hours after leaving Sydney, I’m back in BC!

22 August 2012 – New member to join in January 2013

Brett Howard has just been accepted to start a PhD  with TMEL in January.  She will work on how to refine predictions about the spread of aquatic invasive species using green crabs in BC as a model system – a new collaborative project with Tom Therriault (DFO Nanaimo) and Claudio DiBacco (DFO Bedford).  Welcome Brett!

August 2012 – Miscellaneous good news – scientific and not

Paper hat trick in August!  Brett’s new paper, testing the effectiveness of various fish-excluding devices on prawn traps, just came out in ICES Journal of Marine Science.  Emily just got her paper on coral life histories accepted in Ecology Letters (woohoo!).  Steph and my paper on barcoding the lionfish diet also got a thumbs up from Marine Ecology Progress Series.

But the most wonderful of all news is that Brett proposed to Corinna, and she said yes!!!  I pick good field assistants for my grad students 🙂

13 July 2012 – Back from the International Coral Reef Symposium

It was grey and wet for most of the week in Cairns, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the 2,000 or so delegates present at the 12th ICRS.  Dominant topics: the Coral Triangle Initiative, ocean acidification, temperature change and coral-symbiont interactions, and larval ecology.  Geoff Jones gave a wonderful plenary on where reef fish babies go.  Emily gave her talk on Friday (post-banquet day – yikes!).

12 July 2012 – The ‘terrific trio’ strikes again

This time, Brett, John and I have a correspondence in Nature, summarising how the cuts and legislative changes made by the Harper government have effectively marginalised science in environmental management in Canada.

Read the correspondence

21 June 2012 – Letter in Science!

Brett, John (Reynolds) and I just got a letter in Science, showing that the Canadian government’s stated rationale for dropping the fish habitat protection provision from the Fisheries Act is not empirically supported.

   Read the Letter

See some of the CBC coverage:


  Hear an interview with Brett on The Early Edition, CBC Radio – Vancouver

19 June 2012

There are still some big fish left in the world…. and I saw many of them are on Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia.  Amazing!

09 June 2012

This is not new news, but it’s not very old, and pretty exciting: WE NOW HAVE A BOAT!!  The Simon Says is permanently moored at the Cape Eleuthera Institute in the Bahamas, where we do some of our fieldwork.

04 June 2012

Happy news!  Luis Malpica Cruz has just been awarded a CONACyT scholarship from Mexico to pursue a PhD in TMEL.   Luis will join us in September.  Welcome Luis!!!

03 June 2012

Welcome to the new TMEL website!  New look, new name – that now fully embraces our temperate research – but luckily,  same acronym.  The site is a bit less pretty than our previous one, but I made this one all by myself so there’s a slightly higher chance that it’s going to be kept up to date.

I (Isabelle, that is) am on sabbatical right now (which explains why I had time to do this!).  I’m attached to the University of Queensland in Australia until the end of August 2012.