14 December 2016 – Another Twitter milestone

As my sabbatical draws to a close, I hit another Twitter milestone.  I remember my first tweet, sent in May 2012: ‘I’ve finally joined the 21st century!’.


23 September 2016 – 100 voices for Canadian #scicomm


Fall 2016 – Sabbatical!

I’m on sabbatical this fall, in beautiful Montpellier, France.   Writing my NSERC is first on the agenda, followed by croissants and good cheese as close seconds.


23 August 2016 – It’s Master to you!

In front of a packed room, Jess defended her MSc with brilliant aplomb.  2.5 years from start to finish, with one paper published and another in revision, while holding down a full-time job at the Vancouver Aquarium.  Incredible!

August 2016 – Where has the summer gone?

I have no idea, but the lack of news doesn’t mean that nothing has been happening.  Our expedition to the Bahamas was hugely successful, and fun too in spite of the odd work hours.  Watch this space for news on the paper that will come out of it.

Seven of us attended the International Marine Conservation Congress in St John’s, which had to be the most progressive, inclusive and innovative conference ever.  I mean, giving drink tickets to people who read your poster and ask questions!! Kudos to the main organiser, former TMEL member Brett Favaro!  Everyone gave fabulous talks and made me intensely proud 🙂

Dickson Wong, who’s been with TMEL for several years, finished his BSc in style with an Honours project on the effect of docks on seagrass. Dickson has flown the coop to the other side of Canada, to start an MSc on invasive round gobies at McGill U with Tony Ricciardi. Woot!

10 May 2016 – Lily  arrives


Welcome to the newest TMEL member, Lily Haines, who comes to us from Carleton U with a double major in Biology and Journalism.  Lily is starting an MSc, looking at trade-offs in vulnerability to multiple stressors in corals.

May 2016 – Bamfield and Bahamas

This summer, most of TMEL is lab- or desk-bound, analysing, writing, and preparing our talks for IMCC in August, but there are some happy exceptions. Fiona and I spent 3 weeks in Bamfield teaching a Scientific Diving field course.  You can read the story of our adventures here. We then joined forces with Helen (already in Nassau helping Nicola sort through grouper stomachs – yum!) and Karen Filbee-Dexter from Dalhousie to blitz a 3-week project on nocturnal herbivory on patch reefs in Eleuthera.

31 March 2016 – NSERC success

Two bits of good news on the funding front. Crystal got an NSERC scholarship for her PhD, and Helen Yan (below, on the last dive of her Open Water Diver certification a couple of days ago) got a USRA to join the lab this summer.  Congrats to both!


2 February 2016 – Kyla lands a fab job!

Kyla Jeffrey – who graduated with high honours (Biology & Business) this spring, after doing her Honours’ thesis and working as a USRA for two summers with TMEL – has landed a dream job with HeroX.  This new company is a platform that empowers anyone to identify a problem or opportunity, build a community around solving it, and reward innovators for creating breakthroughs. For instance, the University of Arizona, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the New England Aquarium have recently launched a challenge to produce and sell seafood-free aquaculture feed. The first team to meet their criteria will win the $100,000+ prize.  Kyla will be conducting research on what makes a great incentive challenge, supporting research for specific challenges (e.g., aquaculture feed) and helping to ensure HeroX’s challenges are successful. Congrats Kyla!

28 January 2016 – Nicola in the news

Nicola’s first-authored paper on reconstructing the last 60 years of Bahamian fisheries catches came out today in Fishery Bulletin.  She and co-author Dirk Zeller found that reconstructed catches were 2.6 times larger than the official catches reported to FAO, largely because of the large, unaccounted-for, recreational fishery of the island state.  The paper has already generated media interest, and Nicola took part in a documentary with Daniel Pauly, ‘The Missing Fish’ (see preview here; see Nic at 2min19), where she explains her findings.  A star in the making, for sure!

January 2016 –  Hellos and a goodbye

At the turn of the year, we sadly said goodbye to Crystal, who is returning to Taiwan to do her fieldwork.  Crystal – who is doing a joint PhD at SFU and Dong Hwa University – had an amazing fall semester at SFU, completing all of her PhD coursework, writing her proposal and passing her candidacy exam. We expect her back in, gulp, 2018!


On 31 December, TMEL post-doc Laís and hubby Carlos welcomed
Carlos Felipe, who just couldn’t wait to celebrate the New Year.  Mother and baby are doing great.  Congrats Laís and Carlos on a job well done!

In early January, TMEL also welcomed new post-doc Frances Robertson, who brings brand new expertise (of the marine mammalian kind) to the group.  Check out her page under the People tab!

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