12 December 2017 – Adrienne Berchtold, MSc

This crazy busy semester ended on a cheerful high note, with Adrienne’s superb MSc defence. Adrienne’s thesis on recognition of lionfish by native reef fishes was given a big thumbs up by the ‘King of Predation Risk’, Prof. Larry Dill. Congrats Adrienne! And what a cake!


4 October 2017 – Another Twitter milestone!

twitter 5000

11 September 2017 – Dr Malpica!

The cake says it all.  Congrats Dr Malpica!!


September 2017 – Welcome to new TMEL members!

This new academic year brings three new faces to TMEL.

Simon_BrandlDr Simon Brandl joins us on a Banting fellowship to figure out the role played by highly diverse cryptobenthic fishes in the foodweb of coral reefs.  Simon did his PhD at James Cook U in Australia and just finished a post-doc at the Smithsonian in DC.  All the little fishes to look forward to…


MelissaMelissa Orobko is returning to her SFU roots after an MSc at U of Toronto to work on understanding assessment frameworks and decision-making of managers in relation to ecosystem tipping points.  Her PhD is part of CHONe2.  Click here to see Melissa deliver a magnificent Tale from the Sea at IMCC2016 in St John’s.  She’s going to fit right in: Look at the book she’s reading!!


Jess E


Jessica Edwards brings a wealth of experience as the Executive Director of the Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society to her very cool MSc project on post-harvest recovery of exploited gooseneck barnacles.  Her project is a unique collaboration between T’aaq-wiihak Fishery, DFO and SFU.


July 2017 – The ‘Dream Team of Sound’ finally meets

Dream teamWe all worked on a project on the effect of motorboats on cleanerfish, but it took the FSBI meeting in Exeter this summer for all of us to be together for the first time!  The motley crew includes (left to right) Andy Radford, Steve Simpson, yours truly, Sophie Nedelec, Suzie Mills and Ricardo Beldade.

Here’s the brilliant summary of the paper by Hakai magazine.Print


28 June 2017 – Nicola’s newest paper covered in the Anthropocene magazine

Click here to read it!

25 June 2017 – Lily & co in Curaçao 

I just got back from settling Lily and field assistants Rachel and Natalie at their new home, the CARMABI field station in Curaçao.  We got so much done in just a week, from finishing CAUS dive training, to ID’ing fish, handling transect tapes and catching fish underwater, to even learning to drive stick shift!  By the time I left, the team had done seven good damselfish translocations.  We even saw a redlip blenny!!!


April 2017 – NSERC nods all round

T’was no joke. On 1 April, Lily got an NSERC for the second year of her MSc.  Yay!!

Natalie Maslowski, who is finishing her first year in Biology at SFU, got a USRA to work for us this summer. As an 11th grader, Natalie bravely spent two weeks helping out in the lab, including dive tending during the wettest day ever!

IMG_7061 White Rock

And last but not least, my own NSERC got renewed yesterday for another 5 years.  Woot!

9 April 2017 – Nicola stars in ‘The Missing Catch’

Click on Nic to see this sneak preview of the documentary on her work to reconstruct fisheries catches in the Bahamas.


28 March 2017 – Talking imposter syndrome

I was at UVic today, talking about the imposter syndrome in academia.  This is the third time I speak about this condition, which is rampant among graduate students (and professors too, to be honest) but acknowledged or understood far too little.  It’s OK to feel this way, and it’s essential to share.  Let’s talk about it!


22 February 2017 – TMEL grows a little bit

Welcome to little Marina, who was born today, a little bit earlier than expected.


New dad Luis and mom Monica are elated. Congrats both on a job well done!

12 February 2017 – On Darwin’s birthday…

Nicola wins the Latin American and Caribbean Professional Development Scholarship of the Society for Conservation Biology.  Another feather in a well-feathered cap!

9 January 2017 – Welcome to Jillian!


A Victoria BC native, Jillian Dunic joins TMEL by way of U Massachusetts in Boston.  Her PhD will focus on multiple stressors and tipping points of temperate seagrass – a CHONE2 project. Welcome Jillian!

5 January 2017 – Two more years for Frankie

Frankie (Frances)’s post-doc fellowship from MITACS  to work on the impact of tidal turbine noise on harbour porpoises has been renewed for two more years.  Hip, hip, hooray!