Dr Isabelle Côté – PI

Current lab members

Claire Attridge – Ecological communities across gradients of kelp degradation

Steven Brownlee – Predicting the spread and impacts of invasive mussels in BC

Dr Kieran Cox – Sound pollution and the management of kelp forests

Jillian Dunic – Multiple stressors and tipping points in seagrass ecosystems

Kiara Kattler – Lab manager

Em Lim – Assessing the functional roles of temperate sea cucumbers

Beth Oishi – Impacts of green crabs on native prey and eelgrass

Melissa Orobko – Marine ecosystem resilience to multiple stressors

Manon Picard – Effects of multiple stressors on kelp

Hannah Watkins – Ecosystem impacts of sea cucumber fisheries

Past lab members

Dr Lorenzo Álvarez-Filip – Reconstructing trends in reef architecture

Chantale Bégin – Sedimentation on coral reefs

Adrienne Berchtold – Learning to recognise novel predators

Dr Simon Brandl – Cryptobenthic fishes and ecosystem functioning

Dr Laís de Carvalho T. Chaves – Population dynamics of invasive lionfish

Ryan Cloutier – Rockfish conservation areas

Dr Rémi Daigle – Developing a Canadian Healthy Oceans Index

Emily Darling – Multiple stressors on coral reefs

Jessica Edwards – Sustainability of gooseneck barnacle fishery

Dr Jordan Hollarsmith – Incorporating tipping points in management frameworks

Brett Favaro – Rockfish bycatch in prawn traps

Jessica Finney – Predicting habitat of BC corals

Fiona Francis – Nutrient cycling on coral reefs

Stephanie Green – Impacts and control of lionfish

Lily Haines – Predation risk and reef fish movement

Nell Hamilton – Impacts of disturbance on manatees

Evan Henderson – Economic impacts of lionfish

Lucy Harrison – Pollution and reef benthic composition

Dr Brett Howard – Predicting invasion by green crabs in BC

Aleks Maljković – Trophic ecology of reef sharks

Luis Malpica Cruz – Trophic consequences of lionfish invasion

Crystal McRae – Thermal tolerance of corals

Dr Phil Molloy – Linking life-histories and fisheries conservation

Rachel Munger – Assessing the functional roles of tropical sea cucumbers

Dr Michelle Paddack – Long-term trends in reef fish abundance

Dr Frances Robertson – Tidal turbine noise and marine mammal distribution

Jessica Schultz – Ecological repercussions of mass mortality of seastars

Nicola Smith – Ecological and socioeconomic impacts of lionfish invasion

Dr Nicola Smith – Reconstructing sponges fisheries

Natascia Tamburello – Space use in fishes and implications for invasions

Dr Maria Uyarra – Managing coral reef tourism