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Dr Isabelle Côté – PI


Current lab members


Dr Simon Brandl
Cryptobenthic fishes and ecosystem functioning




Jillian Dunic 
Multiple stressors and tipping points in seagrass ecosystems


Jessica Edwards
Post-harvest recovery of gooseneck barnacles



Fiona Francis
Nutrient cycling on coral reefs



Brett Howard
Predicting invasion by green crabs in BC



Melissa Orobko
Marine ecosystem resilience to multiple stressors



Nicola Smith
Ecological and socioeconomic impacts of lionfish invasion


Rachel Munger
Assessing functional roles of tropical sea cucumbers


Hannah Watkins


Past lab members

Aleks Maljković – Trophic ecology of reef sharks

Crystal McRae – New approaches to coral reef restoration

Lily Haines – Predation risk and reef fish movement

Dr Lorenzo Álvarez-Filip – Reconstructing trends in reef architecture

Chantale Bégin – Sedimentation on coral reefs

Adrienne Berchtold – Learning to recognise novel predators

Dr Laís de Carvalho T. Chaves – Population dynamics of invasive lionfish

Ryan Cloutier – Rockfish conservation areas

Dr Rémi Daigle – Developing a Canadian Healthy Oceans Index

Dr Emily Darling – Multiple stressors on coral reefs

Brett Favaro – Rockfish bycatch in prawn traps

Jessica Finney – Predicting habitat of BC corals

Stephanie Green – Impacts and control of lionfish

Nell Hamilton – Impacts of disturbance on manatees

Evan Henderson – Economic impacts of lionfish

Lucy Harrison – Pollution and reef benthic composition

Luis Malpica Cruz – Trophic consequences of lionfish invasion

Dr Phil Molloy – Linking life-histories and fisheries conservation

Dr Michelle Paddack – Long-term trends in reef fish abundance

Dr Frances Robertson – Tidal turbine noise and marine mammal distribution

Jessica Schultz – Ecological repercussions of mass mortality of seastars

Natascia Tamburello – Space use in fishes and implications for invasions

Dr Maria Uyarra – Managing coral reef tourism