Aleks Maljković

My degrees

BSc Plant Ecology, University of Aberdeen

MSc Applied Ecology and Conservation, University of East Anglia

What I am now

PhD candidate


My research

My research focuses on the indirect impacts of fisheries on apex predators, a topic which has received little academic attention to date. Specifically, my study aims to elucidate the effects of variable prey spectra on the trophic ecology and spatial dynamics of Caribbean reef sharks in the Bahamas.

While there is unequivocal evidence showing that shark populations are in decline worldwide, we still have little idea of the ecological requirements of these predators and are thus unable to develop knowledge-based strategies for their effective conservation. Additionally, there is empirical evidence suggesting that the loss of top predators from marine ecosystems may have knock-on effects to lower trophic levels. Central to the aim of my research is quantifying this phenomenon with a view to understanding the far-reaching consequences of fisheries, not only for sharks, but for the community structure and functioning of the ecosystem as a whole.