Dr Simon Brandl

SJB_HeadMy degrees

BSc, University of Innsbruck, Austria

PG Dip Res Met, James Cook University, Australia

PhD, James Cook University, Australia


What I am now

Banting Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Email :  simonjbrandl@gmail.com

Personal webpage  http://www.simonjbrandl.com/


My research

Coral reefs are the ocean’s most diverse ecosystems and harbor more than one-third of marine fish species. However, not all of them are the large, conspicuous types that we commonly associate with coral reefs. In fact, the majority of fish diversity on reefs consists of “cryptobenthic reef fishes” (i.e., adult fishes smaller than 5 cm that are behaviourally or morphologically cryptic and live in close association with the seafloor). These fishes occur in remarkable abundances and form a critical part of coral reef food webs. Yet, due to their small size and cryptic nature, our understanding of cryptobenthic reef fishes is limited.

My research focuses on the ecology and evolution of cryptobenthic reef fishes. Specifically, I am interested in how communities of cryptobenthic reef fishes are assembled and how this affects energy fluxes on reefs. I use a variety of techniques to disentangle the ecology of cryptobenthic fish species, including observational, physiological, and molecular methods. I also employ experimental approaches to test the response of cryptobenthic fish communities to environmental factors.