Jessica Schultz

Jessica copyMy degrees

BSc Honours Marine Biology, University of British Columbia

What I am now

MSc candidate




My research

I am interested in the community ecology of temperate sub-tidal communities.  Presently, I am investigating the ecological impacts of the widespread sea star mass mortality event that affected most of the Pacific coast of North America in 2013 and 2014.  Sea stars play a keyrole in many marine ecosystems, and their sudden and extreme decline may have far-reaching impacts the rocky reef and kelp communities they inhabit.  Using a combination of field studies, meta-analysis and citizen science, I aim to quantify community shifts resulting from the rapid decline of sea stars in Howe Sound, BC.  Understanding the ecological implications of sea star wasting syndrome may further elucidate the role of sea stars in sub-tidal communities, and will provide insight into the resilience of marine ecosystems to biological disturbances.