Lily Haines

lilyMy degrees

Bachelor of Journalism, Combined Honours in Biology, Minor in Earth Sciences, Carleton University

What I am now

MSc candidate

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My research

Do coral reef fish cross sand?  I aim to determine how sand barriers and predation risk affect the movement behaviour of Caribbean reef fish. I plan to explore how habitat connectivity between coral reef patches and the presence of predators (both native, such as groupers, and non-native, such as lionfish) alter the relative risk of different habitats and influence decisions of small territorial reef fishes. The best part? I’m lucky enough conduct all my field work in the beautiful Cape Eleuthera, Bahamas! Understanding fish movement between patch reefs may have strong implications for how behavioural and ecological studies on patch reefs are designed in the future. For instance, knowing species-specific crossing rates between coral patches may help us determine the degree of independence between replicates. Furthermore, this research may help us improve marine protected area design by ensuring connectivity through the movement of adult fishes between patches while at the same time minimizing the likelihood that important reef fish stray into unprotected habitat.


Table S1, accompanying the submission of MS entitled ‘How often do fish cross sand?  Effects of body size and distance on inter-patch movement of coral reef fishes’