Melissa Orobko


My pronouns
She/her or they/them

My degrees
BSc Environmental Science, Concentration in Applied Biology (Honours with Distinction), Simon Fraser University

MSc Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto

What I am now
PhD candidate

Email :          Twitter: @Melissa_Orobko

My research

Broad research interests: Ecosystem management and the effects of anthropogenic stressors on ecosystems.

PhD research: I study how multiple stressors combine to have cumulative effects on marine ecosystems and how these cumulative effects are incorporated into management. Specifically, I am (1) reviewing how existing research integrates multiple stressor interactions, non-linearities, and cumulative effects assessment and management, (2) surveying federal Canadian ocean managers to determine if and how they incorporate multiple stressors and cumulative effects into decision-making, and (3) theoretically testing management action effectiveness given unknown stressor interaction types and linearity/non-linearity of effects.

On the side, I am also interested in how variations in literature database search strings affect returned papers and therefore research findings.

Past research: Bias and inaccuracy in media coverage of shark conservation threats and solutions; coral reef management effectiveness for social, economic, and ecological outcomes; bioeconomic dynamics and tipping points in fisheries and aquaculture; Pacific herring stock assessment and population structure; and theory of climate change effects on agricultural community dynamics.

My PhD is funded by the Canadian Healthy Oceans Network.